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TESOL Conference

TESOL Conference

From left to right: Nancy Whaley, Mariam Mazboudi, Jennifer Schwarzkopf

We pride ourselves on having a close connection program as we treat every person as a family member. We know that learning a foreign language is very difficult and stressful, so we strive to the excellence in our teaching methods. Moreover, our faculty members have an advanced degrees in TESOL and Linguistics, have lived and worked in other countries, and they are determined to upgrade and grow their skills in the field even more.

This time our teachers attend an annual TESOL conference to gain new ideas of how to make students' study experience even more personalized and engaging filling it with a great useful content that will help our students get the most out of their study process. The conference provided best practices of how to support multicultural an‌d multilingual study atmosphere in a classroom creating a rich study environment and advance a language learning experience to increase student’s language use confidence.

Nancy Whaley, ELLP Instructor, commented: "The conference was a great chance to meet teachers from all over the world. I got to hear presentations by the best researchers and authors who work with ESL." She also participated at the conference "I got to see the 'behind the scenes' parts of the conference", said Nancy, "I really enjoyed being able to learn new things and get new ideas for my teaching.  It was great!"