Loyola University Chicago

European Studies Minor

Double-Dipping Policy

In brief, Double-Dipping means to apply a single course to more than one requirement, either of a major, minor, or the College.  The full rules can be reviewed here.  For the purposes of the minor in European Studies, the relevant section is the following:

  • Minors and interdisciplinary minors: no fewer than 8 credit hours in the individual student’s transcript must be unique to each minor; that is, the courses in question are considered as actually fulfilling requirements of one minor, not of more than one minor or major.

This effectively means that half of the six courses students apply toward the EURO minor must be unique to the minor, that is not applied to any other major or minors. I say effectively since, with the exception of a few specialized classes like an internship, students earn 3 credits per course. To realistically achieve "no fewer than 8 credit hours", you will likely need need 3 classes that are not applied to anything else.* 

The one exception to the Double Dipping rule concerns courses applied to the CORE Requirements of the College: any course applied toward the CORE does not count as a dip. For example, one could take HIST 102 and apply it to the CORE as a Tier 1 Foundational Course in Historical Knowledge and Inquiry as well as satisfying a requirement for both a major in History and a minor in European Studies. Doing so would only constitute "two dips" (HIST + EURO) not "three" (CORE + HIST + EURO); however, HIST 102 would not then count as a unique course for either HIST or EURO because it is being double-dipped. A student majoring in History and minoring European Studies would still need, under the CAS current rules, seven classes (21 credits) that are uniquely applied to History and three (at least 8 credits) that are uniquely applied to European Studies.

Please contact your advisor if you have questions.


* You could amass 8 credits in two 4-credit internship classes, however, you can only apply 3-credits of interning toward a minor in European Studies. Any additional credits earned in a class like GLST 370 or PLSC 370 beyond 3 are applied toward the 120-credits needed for graduation as general university electives. This same 3-credit limit for interning applies to majors/minors in both Political Science and Global Studies. Basically, you cannot major or minor in interning, hence, the cap at 3-credit hours. Other Departments and Programs may have different limits, but for practical purposes you should plan on needing 3 classes that are unique to the European Studies minor. If you have two 4-credit classes, or theoretically a single 8-credit course, that you think might apply to the Euro minor, you need only contact me for approval: chasselmann@luc.edu