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Spirit of Laudato Si' Sustainability Awards

Spirit of Laudato Si

Excellence Awards Ceremony - Spirit of Laudato Si' Sustainability Awards

Since 2019, Student Development has partnered with the Office of Sustainability to recognize students expressing leadership on Loyola’s value of sustainability. As a key aspect of Loyola’s mission of social justice, we award two to four students each year during the Weekend of Excellence. Attention is paid to efforts that address the social, economic, and environmental aspects of sustainability and embrace the ‘integral ecology’ framework called for in Pope Francis’ Encyclical on Ecology, Laudato si’.

Sustainability in Service – This recognition rewards students for their efforts to implement sustainability on campus or in community.

Sustainability in Learning – This recognition rewards students for their efforts incorporating sustainability into their academic experience through research, publication, or coursework advancing sustainability knowledge.


Spirit of Laudato si’ Service Award

Award recipient: Ellie DeMilt 

Spirit of Laudato si’ Sustainability in Learning Award

Award recipient: Amy Abueg 

Finalists: Robert “Robbie” Beaman, Kian Richard Climaco, Camile Talkington 

Spirit of Laudato Si’ Service Award 

Award Recipient

Mereya Riopedre (Junior Undergraduate)

Sustainability in Learning 

Award Recipient

Dakota Lane (Undergraduate Student Recipient)

Emily Sharrett (Graduate Student Recipient)



Cosette Ellis 

Dakota Lane 

Grace Mooney 

Mereya Riopedre 

Emily Sharrett 

Bailey Uttich 

Sustainability in Service Award Recipients 

Sophia Alvardo (Undergraduate Student Recipient)

Sustainability in Learning Award Recipients 

Erika Werth (Graduate Student Recipient)

Brennan McDonald (Undergraduate Student Recipient)



Christina Bozio

Al Dines

Austin Hojdar  

Emma Menebroker 

Destiny Onyeise  

Mereya Riopedre

Hannah Yun 

Sustainability in Service Award Recipients 

Charity Driggs (Graduate Student Recipient) 

Christina Bozio (Undergraduate Student Recipient) 

Sustainability in Learning Award Recipients 

Farinoosh Dadrass (Graduate Student Recipient) 

Isabel Hoyos Arango (Undergraduate Student Recipient) 

Undergraduate Nominees

Isabel Hoyos Arango

Christina Bozio

Cosette Ellis

Maddie Kane

Matt Lorentz

Frances Rafferty

Beth Thilges


Graduate Nominees

Farinoosh Dadrass

Charity Driggs

Sustainability in Service - Award Recipients

Elaine Simon (Graduate Student Recipient)

Isabelle Abbott (Undergraduate Student Recipient)


Sustainability in Learning - Award Recipients

Erin Kilbane (Graduate Student Recipient)

Mia Ambroiggio (Undergraduate Student Recipient)

Sustainability in Service Award Recipients 

Liam Donnelly 

Frances Rafferty 


Sustainability in Learning Award Recipients 

Kevin Erickson 

Chelsea Denault