Loyola University Chicago

Division of Student Development

Unity of Heart & Mind Awards

The “Unity of Heart & Mind" Award is given to a student who is committed to unifying the joys of the heart with the intellectual and academic pursuits of the mind.  In the spirit of transformative, holistic education, this award recognizes a student who has actively engaged in the reflective process of vocational discernment to explore how to use their gifts and passions to address the world's needs.  The winner of this award will have demonstrated intentional involvement with their academic home (by establishing mentoring relationships, or pursuing activities such as undergraduate research), and committed to their personal development through engaging on campus and/ or in the community. 

Click here for Criteria and Selection Process Information.

Winner 2016-17

Miguel Molina


Eleanor Matern
Madison Moser
Kyle Schwichtenberg


Ugo Okere‌


Adam Roberts
Alfonso Vaca-Loyola


Kelsey McClear


Ferdinand Buendia
Kelsey Cheng
Jessica Chitkuer
Catalina Cipri
Mary Frank
Mandy Keelor
Rachel Kelso
Caleb Kennedy
Nicholas Kimble
Ryan Motzel
Rachel Kelso
Caleb Kennedy
Nicholas Kimble


Flavio Bravo
Ann Burns