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Bailey Day

PHOTO: Natalie Battaglia Navy ROTC member Bailey Day runs down the court during a physical training session at the Halas Recreation Center. “Being a part of NROTC has completely reshaped who I am as a person and a leader,” she says.

Bailey Day

Major: Nursing  •  Class: 2015  •  Hometown: Portland, OR

As a member of Loyola’s Navy ROTC program, Bailey Day is no stranger to hard work.

She gets up early for the group’s 6 a.m. training sessions and has held several leadership positions in the program, including battalion commander and logistics officer. That same work ethic has helped Day excel in her nursing classes, where she’s maintained a 3.56 GPA and has been nominated to join several honor societies.

Here, she talks about studying in Rome, her goals for the future, and how the Navy ROTC program helped her grow into the person she is today.

What’s your favorite Loyola memory?

When I studied abroad in Rome for a semester. I was with a group of amazing people doing things I never thought I’d be able to do. I traveled all over Europe and made some of my best friends. It’s an experience I’ll never forget.

Talk a little about a professor or mentor who inspired you.

I looked up to many people during my college years, but the one who stands out most is my Naval advisor, Lt. Graham Van Hook. The amount of enthusiasm and heart he puts into helping us midshipmen is absolutely inspiring. He has taught me so much over the last two years, and I know I’m a better leader and person because of him.

Tell us about your leadership roles on campus.

Being a part of Navy ROTC has provided me with more leadership roles than I ever could have imagined. Last semester I was the battalion commander, which meant I was in charge of all of the midshipmen in the program. The four months I was in charge were the most challenging (but also the most rewarding) months I have ever had.

How has your involvement in student organizations or service work helped shape you as a person?

Being a part of NROTC has completely reshaped who I am as a person and a leader. I came into college unsure of who I was and who I wanted to be—and now I am leaving with full confidence. The amount of knowledge and skills NROTC has given me over the past four years is incredible, and I know these skills will follow me throughout my life and career as a Naval officer.

What do you think differentiates Loyola from other universities?

Loyola is different because of all of the relationships you can form while you’re here. Over the course of my college career I have gotten to know so many students, professors, and advisors on a personal level. Loyola is full of amazing people, and I’m truly blessed to have gotten to know so many of them.

And finally, what do you hope to be doing 10 years from now?

My goal is to join the Navy and work for a few years, and then hopefully be stationed overseas. After that I would love to go back to school and become a family nurse practitioner.