Loyola University Chicago

Weekend of Excellence

Graduate School Awards

These awards are Graduate School awards, honoring our graduate students.

Civic Engagement Award

  • Sandy Flores, School Psychology

    Sandy was selected because of her extensive volunteer and service work, particularly with the SitStayRead program. Her faculty advisor and the director of the SitStayRead program both pointed to her substantive contributions and volunteer work to improve the effectiveness and reach of the program towards serving at risk youth. Her research activities are also illustrative of her commitment to social justice and improving the conditions of children both in Chicago and in developing countries.

Excellence in Teaching Award

  • Kyle Webster, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

    Kyle was selected because of his commitment to ensuring that students learn, but also because of his efforts to develop more effective ways to break through the barriers that students have with understanding the course material. He has effectively worked with his faculty mentor rethink and retool the courses he has taught, and thinks deeply about how to give students their best opportunities to learn. Kyle and his faculty mentor both articulated how Kyle sees a student making a mistake as an opportunity to learn—both the student can learn, but the teacher also learns how to more effectively present information. Finally, the student-teacher evaluations for Kyle’s courses were all excellent and illustrate his effectiveness and rapport with his students.