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Weekend of Excellence

Armeen Sayani

PHOTO: Natalie Battaglia Special education major Armeen Sayani (right) works with a resident of Misericordia as part of her internship. Sayani will be giving a presentation at the Weekend of Excellence about her experience at the North Side agency.

School of Education

Armeen Sayani

Major: Special education  •  Class: 2018  •  Hometown: Skokie, IL

What will you be doing at this year’s Weekend of Excellence?
I will be giving an oral presentation about my internship experience at Misericordia’s Personal Effectiveness Program (PEP), which supports adults with disabilities who have significant behavioral challenges. The title of my presentation is “Social Justice Internship: My Year at PEP.”

What’s your favorite Loyola memory?
Ah, there are so many! One of my favorite memories would have to be going on the Unwritten retreat last semester. It helped me meet so many amazing people and learn a lot about myself. Plus, I got to spend a few days at the retreat and ecology campus, which is one of my favorite places ever.

Tell us about your volunteer work and/or involvement with student groups.
One group on campus that I am really passionate about is STARS, which stands for Students Together Are Reaching Success. It’s a mentorship program that helps first-generation college students and/or students of color transition from high school to college. I was a mentee my freshman year and a mentor this year. STARS was the first organization at Loyola that helped me find a place on campus where I felt like I belong—and that is something I will always be grateful for.

How has your time here helped shape you as a person?
In the two years that I have been at Loyola, I have grown tremendously. The experiences that I’ve had, the classes that I’ve taken, and the people that I’ve met have all allowed me to learn about and see the world in a way that I never had before.

And finally, what do you hope to be doing 10 years from now?
I hope to be a confident, experienced, and effective special education teacher in a school, making a significant and positive impact on children’s lives. I also hope to be living life to the fullest, traveling around the world, continuing my education, and being an active and contributing member of my community.