Loyola University Chicago

Weekend of Excellence

Matthew Henderson

Matthew Henderson

Majors: Political science; history
Class: 2021  •  Hometown: South Bend, Indiana

What's the most interesting project or research you've worked on at Loyola?
Loyola’s Residence Hall Association was restructured and reintroduced this year, and I was able to be a part of it. Over the year we’ve worked on a number of initiatives to improve student life around campus and in the residence halls. I think it’s so interesting because we’re helping shape the experiences of future students, and that means a great deal, because how can you be happy at a school you don’t enjoy living at?

How has your time at Loyola helped shape you as a person?
My time here has helped me become more of the person I’m meant to be. The Loyola community brings a sort of positive pressure to do and be your best. Loyola also has a commitment to inclusivity, which makes it a very welcoming experience for shy people like me who didn’t know anyone upon moving in. The learning experience is also phenomenal, and I’ve yet to have a class or professor I didn’t like. My time at Loyola will undoubtedly be an important piece of my life.