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Dr. Eileen Timmins

VP of HR and Administration,

Eileen Timmins is a true business partner, utilizing experiences within Global Human Resources, talent and leadership development, compensation strategies, succession planning, business development, and M&As to successfully grow businesses, increase revenue and sales profitability, and drive organizational transitions on a global scale.

Ms. Timmins has directed global strategies for businesses as both a board director and as a C-suite executive within diverse cross-industry organizations. In her current role as VP of Human Resources and Administration for 1WorldSync, which is on the Built In 100 Best Places to Work, she has led the leadership team in the facilitation of a new strategy in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic.  Ms. Timmins was instrumental in assimilating multiple global acquisitions of 400 plus employees over a 3-month time period.

As the Co-Chair of the Grants Committee and Board Member for Friends of Prentice at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, she has enabled vital contributions of grants to increase health options in the community and halt the spread of disease. One such grant led to the successful creation by doctors of an app for the NICU at Northwestern, giving families video access to their baby and necessary vitals on a 24-hour basis. Ms. Timmins has been involved throughout the process, merging another grant for another doctor into the app to introduce a background survey to identify mothers with post-partum depression at the earliest possible opportunity.

During her time as an Advisory Board Member for Brennan School of Business, Ms. Timmins was integral to the school securing AACSB accreditation, enabling the organization to become globally recognized and increasing applications from potential students seeking to work towards a Master’s degree.

Business planning and compensation strategies have been a crucial part of Ms. Timmins’ career. Victoria Court Reporting Services had no compensation incentive plans or structure in place when she joined, and her role focused on guiding and advising the owner and the HR lead on the strategic changes needed to implement these vital structures. Throughout her tenure with Athletes Against Drugs, she created the execution plan of the fundraising strategy to increase funds and generate a higher positive impact on inner city youths needing leadership, guidance, and mentoring. 

As a member of the Meals on Wheels Chicago board, Ms. Timmins’ identified that there was no orientation program or onboarding assimilation for new board members, which was impacting their ability to recruit to the board. She led the creation of the new programs, assimilating members to the board quicker and directing succession planning for board members who had rotated from their three-year assignment.

Throughout her career, Ms. Timmins has led dramatic change and transformation for organizations, such as during her time with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) as the EVP and Chief People Officer and Assistant Secretary. She generated over $1 million in fundraising for the organization through the volunteer program and directed the cultural change in the organization to bring more candidates with MDA diseases into teams, with over 10% of current hires holding a direct and personal understanding of MDA diseases. 

Most notably at R. J. O’Brien & Associates as the Senior Vice President for Human Resources, she managed the speedy response to the collapse of a major global organization, where RJO received over 75% of assets overnight. Ms. Timmins hired over 200 employees within 45 days to grow the organization and align new assets. She led the global expansion for the business within London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Toronto, and Winnipeg, and has been recognized for her vital contributions throughout. She was named on Diversity MBA Magazine’s Exclusive List of Top 100 under 50 Emerging Leaders for 2011.

She possesses a PhD in Organizational Development and Business Management, a Masters in Science in Organizational Development and has undertaken further professional development through the Women’s Director Development Program, Board of Directors at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.