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Leveraging Pivot Strategy to Drive Business Results

The pandemic has taught us that we are living in a VUCA environment: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous. Industries are ever-changing. Society is ever-changing. The economy is ever-changing. At times, our strategies must also change. As we enter the post-pandemic world, companies and professionals must ask themselves: How do we pivot into this next phase of the global market?

Shelette Stewart brings her expertise in strategic planning to present this interactive workshop devised to help businesses move forward in the post-pandemic world. Pivot strategies are employed to address business needs in a new global economy.

Incorporating business principles, practical tools, best practices, and real-world examples of pivot strategies from leading organizations including Harvard Business School and Fortune 100 Companies, this interactive session offers key steps for identifying, developing, and executing your pivot strategy to drive organizational success and business results.

Upcoming Class

Our next online class is scheduled for August 17, 2021 from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. (CDT). The fee to attend is $250 per person. Registration closes August 11, 2021


Additional Info

Participants will:

  • Understand the definition of a Pivot Strategy and its underlying principles and importance for your company / organization.
  • Identify your most common challenges around strategic planning and implementation.
  • Learn a practical framework and process for creating, executing, and evaluating your Pivot Strategy.
  • Discover how a successful Pivot Strategy can enhance your company/organization and ultimately drive performance, productivity, and bottom-line profitability.


  • Module 1:  Understanding what a Pivot Strategy is, when you need it, and why it’s so important
  • Module 2:  Steps for developing a Pivot Strategy and real-world examples 
  • Module 3:  Steps for successfully executing your Pivot Strategy 
Dr. Shelette Stewart
Adjunct Faculty
Quinlan School of Business