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Launching Your Podcast

More people are listening to podcasts that ever before. This workshop will teach anyone interested in starting their own professional-sounding podcast how to build it from the ground up. We'll cover choosing an appropriate and relevant topic, the equipment needed even on a small budget, how to edit as well as how to launch it on the various platforms available. Participants will be equipped to join the growing number of this increasingly essential medium and help build their brand message.

Professionals of any industry who have a desire to communicate a topic to a larger audience with little to no experience in audio editing and podcast platforms.

  • Communicate a brand message
  • Overview to the recording medium
  • Familiarity with editing software
  • Introduction to podcast platforms
  • Strategize how to build a growing base of listeners
  • Choosing the right topic
  • Understanding your brand
  • Recording equipment
  • Editing software
  • Podcast platforms
  • Building a base of listeners
Bob Akers
Professional-in-Residence Professor, School of Communications
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Online Session
Date: June 27, 2020
Time: 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. CDT
Fee: $100