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Becoming an Effective Board Member in a Family Business

The opportunity to serve on a family business company board as an independent director, can influence the strategic success of both a family and a business.  Beyond bringing experience in one’s own specialty, the most effective independent directors come to understand and nurture the unique "special sauce" that sustains long term family business success. 

This three-hour class will:

  • Explore the role of the board in a complete family business governance system,
  • Identify the important balance between family culture and business performance, and
  • Develop awareness of the director’s influence in building family cohesion and business success.

Participants will learn effective fundamentals including the importance of managing family dynamics in the board room, what sustains family businesses across generations, and how to add value as a director to a family business board.

  • Directors serving on a family business board
  • Individuals who want to learn how they can become a more effective director on a Family Business Board
  • Individuals who want to become better candidates for family business board positions

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify their role in a family business governance system
  • Identify what elements sustain a family business
  • Properly balance the human element
  • Identify and build upon your strengths as a leader
  • Applicable to all family business environments of any business size or industry
  • Understanding the family business governance system
  • Understanding the board’s role in the governance system
  • The role of a director in a family business
  • What sustains family businesses across time
  • Making family dynamics an asset as opposed to a liability
  • Managing the human element of a family business board
  • Planning for succession
  • Managing succession in both the business and the family
  • Leveraging your personal strengths as a director
Andrew Keyt
Family Business Center
Quinlan School of Business
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There are currently no classes scheduled, but check back soon for updates. For more information about when the next class might take place, contact us at 312.915.6781 or executive-ed@luc.edu.