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Cloud Security Architecture

This two-day workshop covers cloud architecture, deployment models and services, cloud security principles and implementation. The course is based on security reference architecture and industry best practices and provides a structured method to understand and execute cloud security.

The course starts by establishing the definition of cloud computing. Then, participants will explore the various service delivery models of a cloud computing architecture and the ways clouds are deployed. Additionally, the workshop will explore deeper issues of privacy and security related to cloud computing environments.

  • Professionals from all industry disciplines planning to move to the public cloud, or are currently having any deployment in the cloud, including IT, financial institutions, regulatory industry, medical, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, etc.
  • Coordinators of organizational IT in substantiating organizational compliance, governance, regulations.
  • Professionals who are generally wanting to learn more about cloud computing and assessing their organization’s implementation of cloud computing technologies.
  • Understanding key concepts of cloud computing characteristics, deployment models and service offerings
  • Understanding cloud security reference architecture
  • Cloud security standards and frameworks
  • How to do security in the cloud
  • How to approach securing production workloads
  • Understand and know how to utilize native security capabilities offered by cloud providers
  • Satisfying compliance requirements for regulated industries
  • Be able to assess cloud compliance against national and international standards
  • Be able to identify the business added value to the constitute risk from deploying workloads in the public cloud
  • Understand the impact and ramifications of misconfigured cloud environment for business
  • Learn how to stay compliant with regulatory requirements or internal policies in the public cloud


  • Cloud definitions 
  • Cloud Models and Services
  • Cloud security Reference Architecture
  • National and international security standard and framework for the public cloud
  • Compliance and attestation
  • Securing Production Workload by Domain of Security Reference Architecture
Ammar Ahmed, Ph.D.
Part-Time Instructor
Loyola University Chicago, Department of Computer Science
2020 Sessions
February 22 and 29, 2020
Two consecutive Saturdays
Time: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Location: Water Tower Campus
$950 Register
June 6 and 13, 2020
Two consecutive Saturdays
Time: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Location: Water Tower Campus
$950  Register