Loyola University Chicago

Learning Portfolio Program

Center for Experiential Learning

Folio Page Feature Tutorials

The Learning Portfolio Program supports a number of classes and academic programs throughout the Loyola community. Some classes utilize learning portfolios through the folio & web page feature of Taskstream-Tk20.

Learning portfolios are used to...

  • Integrate learning and make learning visible
  • Assess and keep track of growth and learning over time
  • Make connections between in-class and out-of-class experiences
  • Forum to synthesize learning and share work with other students, faculty, advisors, and staff

Accessing your Learning Portfolio on Taskstream

Creating a Learning Portfolio on Taskstream Using the Custom Template Feature

Publishing your Learning Portfolio on Taskstream-Tk20

Adding Areas, Subpages and Sections to your Learning Portfolio

Uploading Images to your Learning Portfolio

Uploading Videos to your Learning Portfolio

Embedding vs. Uploading

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