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UNIV 101/201 Learning Portfolio Information

Welcome to Loyola, new Ramblers! One of your first steps at Loyola will be creating and developing a learning portfolio in UNIV 101 or 201. You will find information on learning portfolios and tutorials to support you in critical reflection and growth in your course!  

Throughout UNIV 101: First-Year Seminar or UNIV 201: Transfer Seminar, as well as throughout your time at Loyola, you will be using learning portfolios to critically reflect on your experiences, connect your classroom and out-of-classroom learning, and make meaning of your Loyola Experience.  Your learning portfolio is a digital collection of your work over time that emphasizes deep learning and critical reflection while honing on your values, skills, and knowledge. It also involves the understanding that your learning portfolio might never be finished as we dedicate ourselves to the values and continued process of lifelong learning and growth.   

In UNIV 101/201, you will be creating a portfolio in Taskstream-Tk20, Loyola’s official learning portfolio online platform, used to curate critical reflections and integrate artifacts, which are electronic evidences of learning. Examples of artifacts include, photos/slideshows, videos, research projects, presentations, and writing samples. Used thoughtfully, critical reflections and artifacts can demonstrate skills, abilities, experiences, growth, and competencies.

Every UNIV 101/201 instructor might use learning portfolios a little differently in class, so make sure to check your syllabus for specific directions. 

Need assistance with your learning portfolio?

Visit one of our friendly learning portfolio peer mentors in the Center for Experiential Learning for more help! They are there from 9 am- 5 pm Monday through Friday in Sullivan Center 295 (2nd floor). You can also email them at experiential@luc.edu.

You may also wish to contact Taskstream-Tk20 directly. Their tech support line is 1-800-311-5656.

 Let's get started! 

Below you can find helpful tutorials on how to create your learning portfolio.

Log on to your learning portfolio at eportfolio.luc.edu using your UVID ID and password to start!

For an example of what a learning portfolio might look like, check out Lu Wolf's UNIV 101 Portfolio, https://www.taskstream.com/ts/way21/LUWolf


Accessing your Learning Portfolio on Taskstream

Creating a Learning Portfolio on Taskstream Using the Custom Template Feature

Publishing your Learning Portfolio on Taskstream-Tk20

Adding Areas, Subpages and Sections to your Learning Portfolio

Uploading Images to your Learning Portfolio

Uploading Videos to your Learning Portfolio

Embedding vs. Uploading

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