Loyola University Chicago

Center for Experiential Learning

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Faculty Drop-In Discussion Circle

Co-sponsored by the Acting Assistant Provost for Academic Diversity, Center for Experiential Learning, Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy, and Student Academic Services

These monthly gatherings will be a chance for faculty to share successes or challenges they experience with teaching diversity, equity, and inclusion issues. This group provides peer mentoring, support and practical solutions for classroom situations. Lunch or refreshments will be provided at all gatherings.

It is intended to be responsive and flexible based on the themes emerging from the group and it will supplement (and not replace) ongoing didactic training opportunities. There is no set curriculum for the DEI teaching and learning community. Participants are not obligated to attend every session offered.

Sessions will be offered at both campuses. The first ones of the year are:


Lakeshore Campus

1/28 - Cuneo 410



2/24  - Cuneo 410



4/1 - Cuneo 410



Watertower Campus

1/30, 2/27. 3/26 - Corboy 727



For additional information or questions, please email Robyn Mallett at rmallett@luc.edu