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Catholic Charities Positions:

Government Relations

The Advocacy and Government Grants intern will get a lot of hands-on experience in a wide variety of functions across the Department of Government Relations, including government grant preparation and writing, advocacy and policy writing, and elected official interaction. The ideal candidate will have excellent writing skills and a strong commitment to social justice and advocacy. Experience with grant-writing, advocacy, and in a government/policy environment are a plus. This intern will learn about the government grants process from a very successful team of writers, as well as advocacy on a policy level for a wide variety of clients of social service programs within all levels and units of government.

Immigration and Naturalization

The intern will support Immigrant Survivors Project Specialists by assisting with advocacy on behalf of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, including writing and/or translating victims’ personal statements and civil documents such as marriage, death, divorce, and birth certificates; taking fingerprints for FBI background checks; writing executive case summaries; reviewing and summarizing medical, court, and police records, helping maintain database records, and making photocopies of legal cases. Additionally, the intern will support the Family Reunification Program with broad immigration issues related to immigration processes. Spanish language required.

Latino Affairs

Catholic Charities serves over 175,000 Latinos in Cook and Lake County each year. The Office of Latino Affairs promotes Catholic Charities services to Latinos through community outreach and education efforts, identifies unmet needs in the Latino community and works collaboratively toward creative solutions, and acts as a resource to parishes and community partners, streaming the referral process for Latinos in need of services. The Social Justice Intern in Latino Affairs will primarily work on communications and event management. Spanish language NOT required.

Performance and Quality Improvement

The Catholic Charities Department of Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) is dedicated to managing agency-wide performance improvement processes, overseeing and managing the collection, verification, and reporting of data related to the provision of services, and telling the story/impact of the Agency using client data and meaningful outcome measurements.

 In the coming months/year(s), the PQI Department is tackling the following projects in which an intern might participate:

  1. Development of a data warehouse to advance data-driven decision making across the organization.
  2. Further development of the concept of demonstrating the impact of the agency.
  3. Creating and implementing educational workshops related to PQI.
  4. Identifying research opportunities and partnerships for Catholic Charities programs to advance the knowledge base of the agency and the field.
  5. Conducting community assessments and maps for program development and planning.

There are also day-to-day tasks that keep the department and agency moving forward that need to be completed, which we would expect an intern to participate in and learn from.

Volunteer Relations

The intern working with the Volunteer Relations Department at Catholic Charities will gain a high level understanding of the inner-workings of a mission-driven nonprofit organization. The intern will have the ability to work closely with staff on the implementation of a cloud-based volunteer web tool with a Salesforce platform called VolunteerBridge. She/he will assist with the recruitment, screening, and onboarding of new volunteers within the agency. The intern will also have the opportunity to choose other services offered at Catholic Charities (Refugee Resettlement, Early Childhood Development, Emergency Services, Senior Services, etc.) and do site visits to learn more about our large social service organization and focus on her/his particular programmatic interests.

GirlForward Positions:

Programs Assistant

Interns work closely with their assigned supervisor to tailor the internship to the interns specific learning interests. All program assistants have the same basic responsibilities but their focus varies depending on program placement. Program Assistants can work with MENTORING, EDUCATION, OR SAFE SPACES. MENTORING Program Assistants are more focused on the mentoring matches, supporting mentors, and event planning. EDUCATION Program Assistants are more focused on creating academic supports, supporting tutors, and building academic curriculum for Camp GirlForward. SAFE SPACES Program Assistants are more focused on supporting the Advisory Board participants, monitoring and evaluation, and designing programs.

Specific responsibilities for all Program Assistants include: 

  • Assisting staff with participant recruitment and retention.
  • Assisting staff with volunteer management by supporting a caseload of mentoring matches and/or tutors and brainstorming solutions for volunteer challenges.
  • Creating content and curriculum for specific programs.
  • Engaging community through special events, workshops, and home visits.
  • Building relationships with participants through tutoring and social support.
  • Completing administrative tasks such as data entry and evaluation.

Communications and Development Assistant

Interns work closely with their assigned supervisor to tailor the internship to the interns specific learning interests. The Communications & Development Assistant promotes GirlForward’s mission, brand and programs through the website, email, and social media as well as donor communications. They work on strategic communications, digital organizing, and content creation.

Specific responsibilities for all Development & Communications Assistants include: 

  • Implementing messaging with dignity communication strategies through narrative creation, posting content, and creating marketing materials.
  • Researching social media and digital campaigns best practices.
  • Build community relationships with donors and participants.
  • Planning fundraising campaigns and events.
  • Completing administrative tasks such as data entry and evaluation.

Misericordia Positions:

Recreation and Leisure Department

The position involves working with groups of individuals in the area of Recreation, Leisure & Fitness/Wellness activities.  The intern’s main duties will be to assist the instructor in implementing and leading recreational activities, working with individual participants on learning new tasks in yoga, arts & crafts, music and adapted sports. Will also assist with Special Olympics training and cultural, holiday and theme based parties. May also be provided with the opportunity to plan and implement an activity in one of the interest areas.

Strong candidates will have interest in recreational & leisure based activities such as Special Olympic sports, arts & crafts, music and an enthusiastic approach to interacting with individuals in a group setting and good leadership skills. Available hours are flexible, primarily afternoon, evenings and weekends. Interns are supervised by Gail Wojciechowski, Director of the Recreation and Leisure Department.

Social Services Department ** 

Assist Social Service department with case management duties:

Prepare waiting list files for Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) review.  This involves reading and summarizing records from multiple sources. Complete social histories for newly admitted residents and complete social history updates for current residents.  This involves summarizing records and gathering information from resident’s guardians and IDT members. Complete funding paperwork to ensure ongoing eligibility for Social Security and public aid. Observe staffings and other agency meetings.

Individual must be organized, responsible, professional, and open to the learning process. Available hours are M-F 8am-4pm. Interns are supervised by Lindsey Wilkens, Social Services Director or Leslie Burgard, Social Services Supervisor.

Human Resources**

Interns working in the Human Resource Department assist HR staff with various functions. These include auditing forms, filing, working on HR projects and campus wide initiatives as they take place throughout the term of the internship.

Interns are supervised by the Lorraine Cobbs, Director of HR. Available hours are Monday through Friday 8am-4pm.

Ministry Department

As part of a holistic approach to caring for our residents, we offer spiritual exercises and activities that are both traditional and formal (i.e. Mass), as well as more contemporary and informal (i.e. faith-sharing small groups, music ministry, bible art, etc.).  Interns would be invited to participate in (and lead) such activities, as well as come up with new approaches to help the residents engage and explore their faith.

Available hours are flexible. Interns work in conjunction with Andrew Blomquist, Ministry Department Staff.

Developmental Training Program

The Developmental Training Program at Misericordia supports participants through the development of life skills, educational skills, vocational skills and/or community employment. This is achieved in an environment that promotes vocational training and life skills development designed to meet the specific needs of the individual. Participants also enjoy a variety of services and experiences, such as wellness activities, access to the arts, cultural and community awareness, therapeutic activities, and sensory activity. The Developmental Training Program is committed to enable all participants to attain a maximum level of vocational accomplishment and personal development.

Interns will have the opportunity to assist Developmental Training Instructors and Trainers in a variety of classroom and workplace environments.  Interns will assist with unit-based curriculum and lesson plans.  Opportunity exists for interns with certain skills or interest to commit to specific programs in the area of art, horticulture, health promotions, and learning skills instruction. 

Interns within the Developmental Training program would be supervised by Co-Directors Mary-Frances Schultz and Amanda Lucas along with Tina Stendardo, Administrator.  This internship is available for five students.  Available hours are 8:00AM to 4:00pm Monday through Friday

Personal Effectiveness Program (Behavioral Health Program)

The Personal Effectiveness Program (PEP) was specifically developed for individuals who are unable to effectively adapt to the demands or experiences within typical developmental and vocational settings. The program and environment is designed to address residents’ behavioral needs while promoting the development of adaptive behaviors necessary to participate productively in their choice of training and enrichment programs.  Using sensory and interactive technology including IPADS and Smart Boards, PEP instructors assist individuals in gaining and enhancing skills in the areas of concentrating, waiting, asking for help appropriately, making choices, and accepting correction or redirection.

Interns will assist classroom instructors in providing individualized services to participants.  These specialized services could include communication, positive behavior support, functional academic & vocational skills, independent living skills, and social & interpersonal skills.   Interns will co-facilitate with instructors in group settings and provide 1:1 support when needed.

Available hours are Monday through Friday 8am-4pm. Interns within this program would be supervised by Geana Connelly, Administrator of Behavior Services.  Geana is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. 

Fitness/Aquatic Center

Interns assist trained fitness and aquatic staff with fitness based programs for residents. Activities include group sessions such as yoga and exercise classes. Other residents need support in achieving their personal fitness goals, requiring 1:1 assistance and support during their fitness sessions.  

Interns are supervised by Mary Ann Zeilke-Allen. Hours are flexible including day, evening and possible weekends.

Dental Clinic

An average day at Misericordia dental clinic will consist of closely observing the doctors or hygienist during procedures, while shadowing the assistants. Some of the duties may involve helping to sterilize and prepare rooms between patients, greeting the patients, and basic clerical work or filing.This dental clinic is for Misericordia Residents only, not staff or families.

General hours are Monday through Friday 8am-4pm

 **Denotes Intern placements that can accommodate a split internship. These are non-resident based opportunities. We can have interns split their time between a resident based site and a non-resident based site if there is an interest.

ONE Northside Positions:

Police Accountability 

At ONE Northside, we believe that everyone deserves to feel safe wherever they live. We believe our police department must act with accountability and transparency and everyone in Chicago must have a mechanism to hold them accountable. We believe community members have a role in making public safety and policing work for everyone across the city.

At ONE Northside, we work on police accountability in three ways:
1) Community oversight ordinance with Grassroots Alliance for Police Accountability (GAPA)
2) Police reforms via a consent decree
3) Police union contract reforms with Coalition for Police Contract Accountability (CPCA)

The Police Accountability Intern will work with the organizer on those projects, and their responsibilities will include:
Conduct outreach to students in schools and other youth spaces about youth councils in police districts

Schedule and facilitate information sessions and house meetings at ONE Northside member institutions about the new consent decree on police reform.

Educate community members and organizations about the police union contracts, research cities that have significantly reformed those contracts, and get new supporters for the CPCA reforms.

Shadow on-going organizational meetings (Membership Council, Leadership Council, staff meetings) and different issue team meetings (economic justice, mental health justice, affordable housing) conduct outreach via email, phone and targeted flyering for organizational events, do data entry after events, meetings and trainings, attend organizing and political education trainings.

Another position with ONE Northside will be announced in the near future.