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Center for Experiential Learning

Curriculum Resources

The Center for Experiential Learning has multiple resources available for faculty to support service-learning pedagogy.  

  • Reflection - is a cornerstone of both Ignatian and service-learning pedagogy.  There are many ways of facilitating reflection with your students.  These two documents, one on  and the other on general  Reflection Strategies‌, offer great tools to engage students through both discussion-oriented and written reflection practices.  The CEL staff highly recommend the use of The Civically Engaged Reader and Taking Action, two volumes of short readings designed to engage active citizens in personal and political reflection.  These volumes are available for use at CEL with additional facilitation support available at www.civicreflection.org
  • Curriculum -  all service-learning faculty have access to lessons that can be used to engage students in the fundamental questions and process of service-learning.  Use this link to access a variety of resources.
  • Research Articles - the CEL has gathered numerous articles that make the case for service-learning, describe the efficacy of discipline-based projects, discuss the link between service-learning and social justice, and raise thought-provoking questions for service-learning practitioners.  Email us at experiential@luc.edu to receive links/copies. 
  • Service-Learning Manuals - several excellent manuals on service-learning planning, implementation, evaluation and assessment are available from CEL staff.  If you are interested, email us at experiential@luc.edu.