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To advance the mission of Loyola University Chicago to “expand knowledge in the service of humanity through learning, justice, and faith,” the university's Engaged Learning requirement asks faculty to embed experiential learning opportunities in courses to help students enhance their knowledge, skills, and values.   If you are interested in proposing an Engaged Learning course - in any of the five designations (Service-Learning; Academic Internship; Field Work; Undergraduate Research; Public Performance), please read further...

Course Designation Deadlines

In order for new courses to be designated for Engaged Learning credit, proposals need to be submitted according to the following timeline:

October 1 for Spring Semester and J-Term

December 1 for Summer Terms

February 1 for Fall Semester

Please complete all fields in the form below and click "SUBMIT" when you are finished.  Please attach a model (draft) syllabus to the email generated by this form, or email your draft syllabus directly to engagedlearning@luc.edu.  Your responses will be sent to the Engaged Learning Subcommittee of the Board of Undergraduate Studies (BUS) for review.

Assessment of the Engaged Learning requirement: By submitting this proposal for a course that meets the Engaged Learning University Requirement, I agree to participate in the assessment of Engaged Learning. Specifically, I understand and agree to: 1) submit my syllabus each semester, 2) ask my students to enter their Engaged Learning placement/experience data into LOCUS, and 3) have my students respond to a standardized reflection prompt at the end of the semester. CEL and the EL Subcommittee will contact faculty/staff at the start of each semester to provide further details regarding this assessment requirement.


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Service Learning Courses

Loyola University and the Center for Experiential Learning encourage faculty members to use service-learning as a pedagogical tool in their courses. Typically 50 faculty members embed service-learning in their course each semester with 1200-1500 students participating actively in these courses. If you are interested in proposing a Service-Learning course, more information can be found here.