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"The fundamental proposition underlying Jesuit education is that faith, knowledge and service are not three separate and independent aspects of education...but rather that they form a triad in which each term is dynamically related to the others, and any one term is incomplete without the other two." 

- Dan Hartnett, SJ Service-Learning and Justice‌ (PDF, Loyola 2000)‌

Every semester, Loyola's 50+ service-learning courses invite Loyola students and faculty to take their education out into the world, applying course concepts to real-world problems and collaborating with community organization partners to make the world a better place.  Whether they are working as volunteers with one of Loyola's hundreds of community partners, sharing discipline-specific knowledge with the broader community, doing research on pressing social issues, or completing projects that advance community-defined priorities, students in service-learning classes learn by DOING...and do lots of good in the process.

Structured reflection activities built into service-learning classes provide ongoing opportunities for students and faculty to make meaningful connections between course content and the entire process of engaging with the community.  Research has shown that this leads to deeper academic, personal, and civic learning for students...findings that Loyola students have echoed again and again when reflecting on their experience in service-learning classes.

The Center for Experiential Learning serves as a resource for faculty, students and community partners in all aspects of the service-learning experience. CEL staff help students connect with community-based organizations relevant to their service-learning course requirements. As a resource to faculty, the staff helps identify relevant community-based projects and volunteer sites, fosters relationships with those organizations and provides service-learning course development and support. The staff also provides support to community-based organizations in their role as co-educators of Loyola students, while also ensuring that their partnerships with Loyola achieve their strategic goals.

Want to learn more? Contact CEL's Program Manager for Service-Learning.