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Where Can I Serve?

"I really have this vibe that MWA (Midwest Workers Association) is out to really help some of the deeper and darker struggles in our economy and I would love to make the trip back as much as possible as long as I am in Chicago."

Justin Howe, Service Learning Student

Upon registering for a service-learning course, your professor may have a project for your class or specific organization to serve at.  If, however, you have registered for a service-learning course, and your professor requires that you find a community site to complete your service requirement, the Center for Experiential Learning has multiple resources for you:

Potential Partners

RamblerLink is a searchable database maintained by the Career Center and Center for Experiential Learning.  Hundreds of organizations use RamblerLink to post service opportunities for Loyola University students.

Take Action is an interactive map of key community partners of the University.  We encourage you to consider opportunities at these sites where many Loyola students have served (and had good experiences) in previous semesters.  Populate the map to search by organizations' missions, clients, or programs, and then click on any marker to learn more and get involved!

Another excellent local resource is Chicago Cares, an organization that specializes in organizing volunteer opportunities for busy people:  http://www.chicagocares.org/HOC__Volunteer_Opportunity_Search_Page.

CEL Staff can also provide one-on-one support if you need more assistance locating a good service opportunity.  Call us at 773.508-3366 or email experiential@luc.edu.

Watch the following video for ideas on how to:

  • Choose a service site
  • Present yourself to representatives of organizations
  • Navigate the service experience with a community organization