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Brendan Creamer

Brendan Creamer

Freshman year I took UNIV 190 Service and Social Justice. Every Saturday morning a couple of my friends and I went to the YMCA in Evanston to coach basketball to children ranging from kindergarten to fourth grade. We each had our own teams or assisted each other with coaching. The combined experience of the UNIV 190 class and the service work at the YMCA led me to continue volunteer work with Loyola 4 Chicago. It made me much more aware of myself and my interest in engagement with Community Service and Action. This year I am taking two engaged learning Research classes with Professor Stacy Neier Beran. I am taking Marketing Research and Research Practicum. We are only a couple weeks in to the semester, but these two classes are extremely interactive, challenging, and exciting. I am sure that the two research classes I am taking right now will help develop my professional interests and lead to job opportunities.