Loyola University Chicago

Faculty Council

Awards 00-01

Annual Report (2000-2001)

Raymond Dye, (Chair, Psychology), Sarah Gabel (Theater), Frederick Wezeman (Orthopedics), and Carlean Gilbert (School of Social Work).

The bylaws of Faculty Council give the charge to the Committee on Awards of soliciting the faculty for names of candidates to be recommended for honorary degrees, and to solicit the faculty for nominations for the Faculty Member of the Year Award.

Honorary Degrees: A call for recommendations for honorary degrees went out via email on October 30, 2000. Three nominations were returned (1). Rev. F. Dean Lueking (a retired senior pastor at Grace Lutheran Church, nominated by Douglas E. Anderson, MD), (2). Dr. Anna J. Schwartz (an economist, nominated by George G. Kaufman), and (3). Umberto Cornelli (an MD affiliated with LUMC, nominated by I. Hanin, MD, J. Fareed, Ph.D, J. Lee, M.D., Ph.D. and S. Lorens, Ph.D). Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Cornelli were deemed to have made their reputations in academic endeavors and were put forth for approval of Faculty Council. Dr. Schwartz was approved at the February 14 meeting and Dr. Cornelli was approved at the March 14 meeting. Dr. Anna Schwartz and Umberto Cornelli, MD, were forwarded to Wayne Magdziarz as qualified for honorary degrees based on academic accomplishments. Rev. F. Dean Lueking was also forwarded as an "at-large" nominee. All three are under consideration by the University Honorary Degree Committee.

Faculty Member of the Year: A call for nominations for Faculty Member of the Year went out via email on January 15, 2001. Four nominations were submitted. The committee deemed all four nominees extremely qualified and worthy, but recommended that the award of Faculty Member of the Year 2001 go to Dr. A. G. "Tassos" Malliaris of Economics (nominated by Nicholas Lash and Barbara Leonard).