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Faculty Council

Faculty Council 2016 Elections

Dear Colleagues,

It is time to nominate members of your division for Faculty Council.  We are asking you to nominate capable and willing colleagues.  It is important that you nominate ONLY colleagues who are willing and able to serve, so please check with them on their willingness to serve.  You may also nominate yourself.

Faculty Council Expectations

Faculty Council meets monthly during the academic year, usually on the fourth Wednesday of the month at Water Tower Campus, from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. with video conference available to the LSC and HSD campuses.  Prospective candidates are expected to attend the monthly FC meeting at WTC, though video conferencing is available.  Please check with your nominees that they do not have a conflict in their schedule for this day and time.  We suggest that you do not nominate them if they can NOT meet this requirement.  A faculty member elected to Faculty Council serves a two-year term, and may stand for reelection.  For more information, visit the Faculty Council website.

For more information on what Faculty Council has been up to in the past two years of service, please look for an e-mail of our activities from your Dean in the coming week or two. You can always reach out to myself as well and I will be pleased to send you a copy of our recent activities.

Who Is Eligible

All full-time faculty are eligible for nomination.  You may nominate up to one more than the number of vacancies in your division.  To view the current membership of the Council and to identify faculty with expiring terms, please click here.  The exact number is specified below by division, i.e. if there are 3 vacancies you can nominate up to 4 members:

 Faculty Council Vacancies, 2016-2018

CAS HUMANITIES: 5 (Alrick Knight, Modern Languages, has a year left on his current term)

CAS NATURAL SCIENCES: 3 (Daniel Graham, Chemistry, has a year left on his current term)

CAS SOCIAL SCIENCES: 2 (Don Stemen, Criminal Justice, has a year left on his current term)


LIBRARIES: 1 (James Conley, Cudahy Library, has a year left on his current term)

SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: 2 (Tim Classen, Economics, has a year left on his current term)

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION: 1 (David Shriberg has a year left on his current term)

SCHOOL OF LAW: 1 (Allen Shoenberger has a year left on his current term)

SCHOOL OF NURSING: 1 (Mary Byrn has a year left on her current term)

SSOM – CLINICAL: 3 (Jolie Holschen, Edward Melian and Tulio Rodriguez have a year left on their current terms)

Completion of Nominations

Please send your nominations to James Conley at jconley1@luc.edu .  Please indicate your division on the email.  All nominations must be submitted by Wednesday, March 23rd.

 Final Election Ballots

Approximately 1 to 2 weeks after the nominations have been received, you will receive a final ballot for the Faculty Council election.

Thank you for your consideration and (hopefully) your participation.


James Conley

Chair, Faculty Council Service Committee