Loyola University Chicago

Faculty Council

Issues 2018-2019

Faculty Council Agenda

  • Faculty Handbook Update (Faculty Affairs)
    • Appeals, grievance issues
    • Need changes to procedures in dismissal for cause
  • FAS process and IDEA use (Academic Affairs)
    • How to evaluate teaching quality? Dept./school-level initiatives?
    • Re-submit request to Provost's Office for data on IDEA response rates & averages
    • What are response rates to various components of FAS?
    • Is there consistency across depts./schools in FAS usage?
    • Credit for undergrad research collaborations (in FAS, annual reviews, workloads)
  • NTT/TT hiring - Check latest stats (% classes taught by TT, NTT, Adjunct) with Provost
    • How will unionization (SEIU) affect FC representation for CAS NTT faculty?
    • Discuss NTT hiring, promotion and pay (school policies on NTT faculty promotions)
    • Dashboard data available from Provost?
  • Faculty Salaries
    • Monitor raise pools in Jan. 2019 - how will budgets affect this raise?
  • Input into Provost Search
  • Faculty Involvement in Plan 2020 Implementation and next Strategic Plan
    • Initial awards granted, what has been follow-up?
  • Overload pay - no updates since 2004
    • Proposal provided to Provost in Spring 2017. Still waiting for response.
  • Final Exam schedule
    • Effect of reducing to six days?
    • IDEA evaluations sometimes open during Finals Week
  • Young faculty mentoring and development (including loads, salaries, assessment, spouses)
    • Host FC event for junior faculty? Coordinated with FCIP
  • Predatory publishers/Open Access journals
  • Faculty watchlists, threats to academic freedom
  • Moves toward more online education - curriculum, loads, and evaluations
  • Communications/FC representation with Rome, Beijing, and Vietnam faculty
  • 2020 Sesquicentennial planning
  • Evaluation of Deans and stability in those positions