Loyola University Chicago

Faculty Council

Issues 2012-2013

Faculty Council Agenda

Key Issues:

  • Shared Governance – University Senate relation to Faculty Council
  • Responsibilities and relation among Loyola governance bodies (e.g., curriculum)
  • New Committee structure to replace UPCs
  • Communication between governance bodies and campuses
  • Standardization of university practices (LSC, SSOM): hiring, evaluations, salaries
  • TT-NTT hiring (% and procedure) and firing (without cause)
  • Research support/teaching loads: Possible FC poll of chairs

Other issues:

  • Salary minima for each level versus goals
  • Accuracies of Faculty Portfolios
  • Dean evaluations
  • Selection of administrators: Diversity of Faculty and Administrators
  • Phased out retirement – agreements, programs and standardization
  • Communication with faculty
  • Faculty Staff Lounge discussions with SC (awaiting construction)