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Faculty Council

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Faculty Affairs Committee


The Faculty Affairs committee is involved in the review and oversight of matters addressed in the Faculty Handbook. This includes, but is not limited to, policies and procedures related to faculty appointments, retention, research support and infrastructure, professional leaves, faculty status (salaries and benefits) faculty workload, and conducting the faculty elections to other university committees. This committee will coordinate with the University Benefits Committee. The committee will conduct an annual review of faculty salaries, and assess programs dealing with faculty leaves, grants, conflicts of interest in research, misconduct in scholarship, intellectual property rights, and compliance with federal regulatory programs for human or animal subject research.

Committee Chair: 
Jonathan Singer, 2023-2024

timone davis ISCPS
James DeFrancesco  CAS 
Marilyn Glassberg-Csete SSOM 
Laura Goldstein CAS
Frederick Kaefer QSB
Purvi Patel SSOM
Maribeth Rezey CAS 
Peter Rosenblatt CAS 
Allen Schoenberger LAW

Academic Affairs Committee


The Academic Affairs Committee of Faculty Council is involved with all aspects of the academic programs at the university, including assessment of teaching, student learning and research and the overall quality of academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate and professional level. Matters within its purview include academic support, library and IT support. This committee should review major proposals that involve restructuring of the academic programs and units, revisions of the core curriculum, substantial changes in the academic calendar, new programs and major revisions to existing programs. The Chair of Faculty Council will contact the President of the University Senate to coordinate all deliberations on academic policy related proposals. Results of the Faculty Council deliberations will be passed on to the University Senate.

Committee Chair: 
Jonna Peterson, 2023-2024

Katrina Binaku CAS 
Edward Campbell SSOM
Susana Carvallo CAS
Kamran Mizra PSHSP 
Guillermo Sanhueza SOWK
Steven Todd QSB
Leslie Waddell SSOM

Faculty Service and Communications Committee


The Service and Communications Committee will select the Faculty Member of the Year (meet in summer, award at fall convocation), conduct elections for Faculty Council (February and March) and faculty representation on university committees, conduct the evaluation of academic deans, and author periodic newsletters and other communications to send to LUC faculty.

Committee Chair

Abigail Silva, 2023-2024

Hae Mi Choi QSB 
Meghan Dougherty SOC 
Ray Dybzinski SES 
Ahmad El-Arabi SSOM
Ahmer Farooq SSOM
Colleen Kordish MNSON
Jennifer Mierisch CAS 
Lavar Pope Arrupe


Faculty Handbook Committee (ad hoc under Faculty Affairs)


The Faculty Handbook Committee oversees reviews and updates to the LUC Faculty Handbook so that it reflects current and best practices. The LUC Faculty Handbook serves as a contract between Corporate Faculty and the University that outlines key responsibilities, policies, procedures, best practices, and expectations.

Committee Chair:
Ian Cornelius, 2023-2024