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Service Request for HSC

Response Time Expectations

 Work requests are scheduled based upon the priority of the task. Priority is given to life safety, building safety and mitigating damge to facilities.

 Please see below for an expected response time to these sample work requests:

fire alarm, building flood, power outage, elevator entrapment, natural gas odors call Campus Security
(708) 216-9077
heating, cooling & ventilation, lock & key, toilet clog, fire/smoke detector, refrigerator & stoves, housekeeping issues, elevator problems, pest control 1 day or less
minor leaks, outlet & switch repairs, dripping faucet 2-5 days
building finish repairs (window, door, shades, blinds, carpet, etc.) re-lamping, special events 5 -7 days
hang office accessories, painting, furniture moves, furniture repairs 10-14 days
space modifications or upgrades visit Request a Project for instructions on submitting a project request

If you feel that your work request should receive immediate attention given the above criteria, please contact 708.216.3382.

Thank you,

Kana Henning
Associate VP for Facilities


Non-Facilities Related Work Request


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