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Homer Johnson, PhD

Professor, School of Business

The Basic Principles of Effective Consulting

Lawrence Erlbaum Associates: 2005

(ISBN: 805854207)


This book is written for novice consultants, project managers, staff advisors, and anyone who wants to learn (or be reminded of) the basic principles of effective consulting. The book is an introduction to consulting and provides a step-by-step process that nearly anyone can learn. We provide numerous examples of real life cases. We tell our reader exactly what to say in the entry interview, how to write a proposal and a contract, how to do a diagnosis, etc, and provide many examples of how consultants handled difficult situations. We have also added a set of key success factors at the end of each chapter. These success factors can be used in multiple ways—as a checklist to validate that you have covered the important steps; as a textbook in the classroom; or in your company as guidelines for important topic-relevant discussions/dialogue. If using the book in the classroom, the success factors could also be turned into student projects. An important feature of the book are the expert boxes written by successful consultants and users of consultants' services that are placed at the end of each chapter.

Professor, School of Business