Loyola University Chicago

Paul Setlak, PhD

Adjunct Instructor (Pharmacology) of Biology Department

Pharmacy Practice Experiences: A Student's Handbook

American Pharmacists Association (APhA): March 2008
(ISBN: 1582121141)


Pharmacy Practice Experiences (PPEs), previously called clerkships or clinical rotations, are a vital part of pharmacy education. But stepping out of the classroom and into the real world of a pharmacy practice experience can be daunting. "Pharmacy Practice Experiences: A Student's Handbook" is a practical, concise resource for student pharmacists about to embark on PPEs. This handy resource provides background information on the practice of pharmacy; explains the role of the student pharmacist during pharmacy practice experiences; and suggests ways to develop critical communication, time management, and patient care skills. The core competencies required for each of the six major types of pharmacy practice experiences are addressed. A concise and easily accessed compendium of useful equations, algorithms, therapeutic modalities, physical assessment techniques is also included.