Loyola University Chicago

Spencer Weber Waller, JD

Professor and Director Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies, School of Law

Thurman Arnold: A Biography

NYU Press; publication date: December 2005
(ISBN 0-8147-9392-4)


This first full-length biography traces the life and work of Thurman Arnold (1891–1969) one of the important and interesting figures of 20th Century American law. Thurman Arnold was one of the few figures of American law to have served in elected state and local politics, as a nationally prominent legal academic at Yale, head of the Antitrust Division and member of the FDR brain trust in the New Deal, federal appellate judge, pro bonno defender of civil liberties in the McCarty era, and founder of Arnold & Porter, one of the quintessential Washington law firms. Arnold embodied and shaped most of the major facets of 20th century law and helped define what it meant to be a liberal throughout this era.