Learning Journey at Gold Eagle

Learning Journey at Gold Eagle

Marc Blackman (CEO of Gold Eagle) and the Hirsch family generously offered to host a learning journey for our Family Business Center Members on-site at Gold Eagle's facilities. This members-only event featured presentations by Gold Eagle's Board Chairs, family members, and members from the Next Gen Advisory board, as well as a plant tour, lunch, and round table discussions. Attendees got a behind-the-scenes look at the business and family governance systems and learned about the Hirsch family and their support for innovation and transformation of their legacy business. 

Featured speakers

Marc Blackman
CEO, Gold Eagle Co.
Jake Blackman
Senior Video Editor, Gold Eagle Co.
Bob Hirsch
Director, Gold Eagle Co.
Rich Hirsch
Chairman, Gold Eagle Co.
Joni Hirsch Blackman
Family Owner, Gold Eagle Co.
Andrew Keyt
Lead Clinical Faculty for Family Business Institutes, Loyola Family Business Center
Ben Korallus
Next Gen Advisory Board Member, Gold Eagle Co. 
Liz Levy-Navarro
Advisory Board Member, Gold Eagle Co. 

Event photos

Gold Eagle Family Business Conference

Past agenda

10am Registration and networking
10:15am Opening remarks
10:30am The Virtuous Cycle of a Family Business: A Look at Gold Eagle's Governance and Leadership
11am Panel discussion and Q&A with Gold Eagle family members
11:30am Networking break
11:45am Lunch and presentation: Selecting the Successor
12:30pm Leadership and Strategy: Gold Eagle's Plan for Growth
1:15pm Panel discussion and Q&A with Gold Eagle family members
1:45pm Closing remarks and plant tour

Past event Info

Date September 26, 2019
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Location Gold Eagle Co. Distribution Center
4404 W. Ann Lurie PL, Chicago, 60632