Ben Juday

Ben Juday

Why did you enroll in FBSI? 

I enrolled in FBSI to increase my level of understanding of the complex world of family business governance.  My family was going thru a leadership transition at the time and I needed to increase my understanding of best practices so I could be a high level contributor.

What module was most useful to you and why?

It is hard to pick one module, but my guess is that the relationships module was the most useful to me because it sparked very interesting and useful discussions.  In my opinion, most family business problems boil down to relationship issues and anything we can do to increase our skills in that department is useful.

Were you able to walk away with a better sense of how to engage in your family business? 

Absolutely.  I think that because of FBSI I came away as a true believer in the practice of adopting robust family governance for our family business.  Not just paying lip service, but actually doing it.

Typically, there’s quite a range of experience represented in FBSI – how did this impact your interaction with the course work? How did it impact your relationships with your family members? 

I liked having a variety of skill levels from fresh college grad to CEO.  In particular, it helped to humanize our own family CEO and gave me a better understanding of their challenges.

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