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Family Weekend

Frequently Asked Questions 2021

No. Students have invited other family members in the past, such as aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

It is possible to purchase different packages for different members of the same family. Current Loyola students and children do not have one-day packages. This allows current students access to all events (even if their families arrive after the first few events on Saturday, or depart before all Sunday events end). Registration packages for children under 11 years old have no cost.

There is not a set limit in terms of how many of your family members you can register to attend. Please remember to register your current Loyola student as well as other family members.

You may register that one family member separately after registering the rest of your family.

The Primary Registrant is the person registering the family for Family Weekend. A Loyola student can register their family, or a family member can register their family (please include the Loyola student in your registration). We don’t ask for the names of all family members, but it does help us to have at least one contact person per family.

On Friday, September 10, we will confirm our final guest number for our catering orders. We will increase the number slightly beyond the number on that date knowing that there may be more people registering between September 10 and 24. However, we like to have an estimate by September 10 that is as accurate as possible.

We need to make final preparations for our Check-In area the day before people arrive for Family Weekend.

Please note that we may need to close registration prior to that date and time if we reach capacity with the number of guests. 

When you register, you should receive a confirmation email; we encourage you to keep it for your records. When you arrive on campus, we will already have your registration information in our system. At the Check-In area, we will give each registered family member a wristband, which will be color-coded based on the number of days included in each package. Staff will ask to see the wristband when entering each event. Each registered guest will also receive a card to bring to Chicago on Campus (it will be stamped for each entrée or dessert). At Check-In, you will also be able to pick up a ticket for one or both soccer game(s).

No. People are invited to attend any events during the day(s) included in their registration package, but there is no obligation to attend all of the events offered during that time period. Families often choose to attend a few events that appeal to them, and then spend the rest of their time enjoying Chicago with their student.

Families have told us in past years that the Second City show was one of the highlights of the weekend. Based on past feedback we’ve received about the timing and length of the shows, we are offering two opportunities for families to see Second City. Each show will be a little under an hour in length. We will ask the audience to leave after the 6pm show so we can allow the next group into the auditorium to see the 8pm show. These times were selected in hopes of allowing families to have dinner after the 6pm show, or before the 8pm show, depending on their preferred meal time.
The shows will essentially be the same show (although due to the nature of improv comedy, they will differ slightly based on audience interaction). Offering the show at two times will help make it possible for as many people to attend as possible.

By offering two Second City shows and multiple film screenings, our hope is that everyone who wishes to attend will be able to do so. However, not all families choose to attend, and we cannot predict which show time people will choose to attend. There are a certain number of seats in the Mundelein auditorium, and in the Damen Student Center cinema. This means that at some point we may reach capacity in each space.

It is difficult to offer a suggestion in terms of when to arrive because so much depends on the choices that families make that weekend. Typically, the cinema has filled within 15-20 minutes before each viewing. People have often arrived to get in line for Second City at least 30 minutes in advance.

Because we need to make plans weeks in advance based on registration numbers, we are unable to offer refunds. Thank you for understanding.

Circumstances continue to evolve. For the most updated information about COVID-19 guidelines, please refer to the Return to Campus website. As of mid August (when this webpage was last updated):

  • At Check-In, each Family Weekend guest will be asked to show either COVID-19 vaccine cards or documentation of a negative COVID-19 test performed within 72 hours of their arrival on campus for Family Weekend in order to receive their Family Weekend wristbands. 
  • If people are showing a vaccine card they can show the card itself or a clear (easy to read) photo of the card. 
  • If people are showing a negative test result, the test must be issued from a medical or testing center. Photo copies of the negative test will not be accepted. 
  • We will not verify proof for guests 12 or younger. 
  • Masks are required for all Family Weekend participants (older than 2 years old) when indoors on campus, as well as at Family Weekend events outdoors, regardless of whether or not they have been fully vaccinated. Masks may only be removed while one is actively eating. 
  • People will be encouraged to wash / sanitize hands often.