Loyola University Chicago

Family Weekend

Dietary and Mobility Accommodations

Your Family Weekend Planning Committee wants you to experience Loyola and Chicago comfortably, safely, and to your liking.  We understand that everyone is likely to differ from common norms regarding their abilities and preferences.


  • At our Loyol-sponsored events, we offer options for a variety of diets, and we provide ingredient signs when possible.  Look for these, and if you have further questions, ask our staff and volunteers.
  • Chicago is home to dozens of alternatives regarding diet.  Please see the "Visiting Chicago" tab above for suggestions.


  • Loyola is constantly upgrading our facilities to provide better and more access, such as with elevators, ramps, guides, and transportation assistance.  We are happy to help assist with mobility needs; email us at FamilyWeekend@luc.edu.

Further Needs

  • We recognize and affirm people's differences that result in various needs.  Email us at FamilyWeekend@luc.edu with questions and concerns.