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Logistics and Travel

While traveling a large metropolis like Chicagoland can seem daunting and tedious, rest assured that Chicago is home to many excellent choices for your transit opportunities.  In fact, we are often deemed to have the best of both worlds: a driveable city with a strong train/bus system.

The following is a list of our many opportunities for movement.

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Trains & Buses:

  • Red Line 24 hour elevated ("El") trains: North/South that connects our two campuses and downtown.
  • Blue Line 24 hour trains: Northwest/Southwest through downtown and to both airports.
  • All buses and trains: Over 100 lines with single, day, and multiple day passes available.  Buy passes at train subway stations, like Loyola Red Line Stop.

Taxis: Uber, Lyft, and Hailed Cabs:

  • Hundreds of drivers are availabe from these three major providers, 24 hours a day. 
  • Uber and Lyft have established a reliable, safe, and fast system in Chicago, and are available via smartphone apps.
  • Allow extra planning time during afternoons and weekends.

Vehicle Rentals:

  • Auto rentals can be easily secured at our aiports and at various locations across the city. 
  • While traffic can get congested, Chicago is often considered a driveable city.


  • Parking throughout Chicago is available, and often easy to find.  Consider these:
    Street Parking- some is free (check signs carefully), some is per hour ($2 or $4 per hour), and valet is often available, too.
    Parking Lots/Structures- many paid options are avaialble, some at Loyola and others found nearly on every block.  SpotHero's smartphone app is a great way to peruse options.  Looking for signs helps, too.


  • Note: Bikers in Chicago are legally to follow traffic rules the same as automobile drivers.  This means, for example, that bikers must stop at stop signs and cannot ride on sidewalks.
  • DIVY's light blue bike rentals can be found all throughout the city for hourly and day rentals.  
  • Other bike rentals can be found via a quick Google search, many along the Lakeshore path and downtown.