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Damen Student Center

“My favorite memory in the Damen Student Center would be when Loyola made it to the final four. Damen Student Center had a watch party and the whole building was packed. It was so exhilarating to hear the excited screams of everyone when they announced Loyola made it to the final four.” - Carlie (School of Social Work, 2021)

“Damen Student Center: My favorite memory in Damen is from freshman year during Christmas time. I was able to ice skate, take a picture with Santa and eat chocolate fondue. It was a great way to celebrate with my new friends and enjoy the spirit of Loyola community.” - Megan (College of Arts and Sciences, 2020)

“It was a late night in the Damen Student Center when me and my roommate decided to play a sort of Karaoke game in the Black Cultural Center with some other people. We were there for hours laughing and singing together. I could never forget how comfortable it made me feel being that I was 8 hours from home and could still enjoy a moment like that with strangers (who are now friends).” - Aisha (School of Social Work, 2022)

“Freshmen year, me and like 10 of my friends would wait in line in Damen for the home basketball games for hours and just goof around and take pictures.” - Kalet (College of Arts and Sciences, 2022)

“Bid night in Damen freshman year, finding out I got [chosen by] Phi Sigma [Sorority] and that me and my best friend were sisters forever.” - Cameron (College of Arts and Sciences, 2022)

"One of my favorite memories in the Gentile Arena is final [exam] breakfast. It was a great time to see my favorite mentors and teachers and also so fun to reminisce about the semester.” – Carlie (School of Social Work, 2021)

“My favorite memory at the IC is stressing over my honors paper after an unknown amount of hours there only to take a minute to look up and see the sunset over the lake. It quickly became my "happy place" and somewhere that I venture to in times of good and bad.” – Megan (College of Arts and Sciences, 2020)

“There were many late nights at the IC but there was one in particular where my roommate and I stayed there until 5 in the morning studying for exams and writing papers. (We definitely took snack breaks). Our workload from our classes was just heavier than usual, and I do believe it was the week before finals week. It is my favorite memory at the IC because I feel like it truly highlighted part of the bittersweet college experience.” – Aisha (School of Social Work, 2022)

“Every time that someone new comes to visit me on campus, I show them the echoing circles (idk the real name) outside of Madonna Della Strada and everyone gets a kick out of it, even if they don’t believe me at first!” – Kalet (College of Arts and Sciences, 2022)

“I worked here since 2017 and now I'm a student! I always say "Schrieber is the most beautiful, well designed building on campus", my statement has been challenged several times, but I still believe Schrieber is the most beautiful! My favorite memory was in May 2019, during The Great Schrieber Takeover (Celebration for Graduating Quinlan Seniors). My boss asked the interns if we can work as support services during the event, and I volunteered. The event was very fun, there were graduates, parents, professors, deans just chilling all over the building. It seemed like the whole building was turned into a club; even from Chicago and State street, you can see there was a party going on in Schrieber. My co-workers and I mingled around during our free time to talk to graduating students chatting with future professors. At the end of the night, I was one of the last persons in Schrieber, and it was literally empty, you could clap and hear echoes, but just a few hours earlier, it was filled with so many people.” – Jacque (Marketing, Quinlan School of Business, 2021)


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