Loyola University Chicago

Family Weekend

Why Attend?

We understand that sometimes it's best to hear the opinions of others, so we have gathered testimonials to share:

“Everyone involved did a wonderful job. The whole weekend was fantastic.”

“I love Family Weekend and look forward to it every year.”

“This was an incredibly well organized weekend and super fun! Bravo Loyola! Loved every minute.”

“Very well done! Thank you. We really enjoyed the concert on Friday evening and the Chicago on Campus event. We also very much enjoyed Java with the Jesuits. Thanks again. I would recommend this to other families.”

“We had a great time. It was our first time attending. We just haven’t had the opportunity until now when our daughter is a Junior. We enjoyed Java with the Jesuits, the soccer game (which was intense!), all of the meals, and a lovely, positive mass on Sunday. We were also so happy to meet Porter. He is genuine and proud to be at Loyola!”