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Decolonizing Your Syllabus

Attempting to decolonize your syllabus is an ongoing multifacted process. Overall, it means shifting your course outcomes, materials, assignments, and expectations to reflect a decolonized attitude, which means "resisting and actively unlearning the dangerous and harmful legacy of colonization, particularly the racist ideas that Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) people are inferior to White Europeans.''

The following links are adapted from “Decolonize My Counseling Psychology Syllabus” Special Task Group members (Anneliese Singh, Elizabeth Cardenas Bautista, Germán Cadenas, Della Mosely, and more Special Task Group members who were inspired by Yvette DeChavez to do this work, with feedback from Christopher Busey).

The first link details steps to take as you prepare to build a decolonized syllabus. The second link details steps to take as you being designing your syllabus.

Preparing to Decolonize My Syllabus  

Designing the Outline of My Syllabus