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Anti-Racist Pedagogy Annotated Bibliography

Supplemental Resources: Developing Pedagogy that Fosters Anti-Racism  

This list of resources is a starting point for you to use to explore some important topics related to anti-racist pedagogyIf you have resources you would like us to add, please email Jessica Mansbach at jmansbach@luc.edu. 

Library Guides and Glossaries about Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Pedagogy - The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning - Research Guides at Loyola University Chicago (luc.edu) 

Anti-Racism - Anti-Oppression - LibGuides at Simmons University 

Glossary - Anti-Racism Toolkit - Guides at Georgetown University 

Understanding the perspectives of students of color at Loyola

Racism and Discrimination at Loyola: A Report on the Experiences of Students of Color at Loyola University Chicago. 

  • Moriah Johnson, LUC graduate student and FOTL panelist, gives voice to the experiences of students of color at Loyola by placing their experiences in a larger context of diversity and discrimination in higher education and by discussing findings from a survey of 200 students of color.

Self-education and anti-racist work

Journal article 

Barriers and Strategies by White Faculty Who Incorporate Anti-Racist Pedagogy  

  • The authors examine how faculty study participants navigate their own internalized feelings about race/racism while trying to use anti-racist pedagogy while at the same time being mindful about how their colleagues of colors perceive their efforts. 

Anti-Racist Pedagogy in Action: First Steps (columbia.edu) 

  • This resource serves as a springboard for educators to examine their own positionality and recognize racial trauma, provides suggestions about anti-racist course design, and offers recommendations about how to build community.  

Diverse scholarship and course design 

Quick reference guides 

Teaching Race: Pedagogy and Practice | Center for Teaching | Vanderbilt University 

  • This piece contains approaches and strategies for teaching race and considering race in course design. 

Effective Teaching Is Anti-Racist Teaching | Sheridan Center | Brown University 

  • This piece offers suggestions about how to create an anti-racist classroom through thoughtful design of course goals, class content, class discussion, and assessment. 

CREATING AN INCLUSIVE SYLLABUS | Center for Teaching Excellence (ku.edu) 

  • This page includes tools and checklists to use to create an inclusive syllabus. 

Setting a constructive mood for discussion  

Journal article 

Eddy, S.L., Brownell, S.E., Thummaphan, P., Lan, M., Wenderoth, M.P. (2015). Caution, student experience may vary: Social identities impact a student’s experience in peer discussions. CBE- Life Sciences Education, 14: 1-17.   

  • The authors describe a study that looks at barriers to student participation based on social identities and suggest strategies instructors can use to create space for more equitable discussion. 

Quick Reference Guides 

Microaggressions and micro-affirmations | Sheridan Center | Brown University 

  • This guide describes microaggressions and micro-affirmations and includes recommendations about how to make thoughtful pedagogical choices in response. 

Faciliating Controversial Discussions | Sheridan Center | Brown University 

  • This guide contains examples of how to set the stage for thoughtful discussion about potentially tough topics and how to create a positive learning environment.  

Validating experiences 

Quick Reference Guides 

Educate to Liberate: Build an Anti-Racist Classroom | Edutopia 

  • The author makes suggestions about strategies for teachers to use to include perspectives of students with backgrounds dissimilar from theirs.