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Instructor Readiness for Online Teaching

Before teaching online or in a blended environment, consider your own technical and time management skills, as well as your teaching approach.

What kinds of technical skills do you have?

How adept do you feel using computers and the learning management system (LMS)? While you may be proficient at using the LMS to post assignments or discussions for face-to-face classes, teaching online or blended classes typically requires a higher level of proficiency. ITRS provides a number of opportunities to learn how to use the LMS and a variety of technology tools that support teaching.  

What kinds of time management skills do you have?

The routine of teaching in the same time and place every week helps some instructors manage their time effectively. Online classes may not meet at the same time and place every week. One of the challenges instructors face is to figure out how much time to carve out for their online teaching commitments.  

How might teaching approaches differ in online and face-to-face classes?

An often-heard metaphor about the role of teacher is as a sage on the stage. This metaphor conjures up images of just that: a teacher standing at a podium, lecturing and dispensing knowledge. The guide on the side metaphor, on the other hand, conjures up visions of the instructor coaching or directing alongside the students, offering guidance. Without a podium to stand on in online classes instructors may want to adopt a different teaching approach. Instructors can think about their willingness to come at teaching from a different angle, as guides on the side, as part of preparing to teach online.  

What services are available to support instructors who teach online?

 There are several places at Loyola where instructors who teach online can go for support.

What other resources can instructors use to determine if they are ready to teach online? 

For a more detailed assessment of readiness for online teaching, review the Faculty Self-Assessment: Preparing for Online Teaching from Pennsylvania State University. 



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