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Recognizing Excellence

For the past eighteen years, Chris Murphy has been translating Loyola’s mission into concrete plans, projects and procedures. He started as chaplain at Loyola’s Rome Center in 1998, and then became the director of campus ministry back in Chicago. For the past seven years, Murphy has been the Director of Staff Mission Formation in the Department of Mission and Identity and faculty and staff chaplain.  Through his Loyola career, both Murphy’s appreciation and understanding of Ignatian spirituality has grown. A triple alum, earning not only his bachelor’s and two master’s degrees at Loyola, Murphy’s roots are forever intertwined with Loyola’s mission. “Almost everything we do, we try to filter through the lens of ‘how do we take the mission statement and make that real for people’.” Murphy’s main responsibilities include creating opportunities for staff members to be enriched and supported by the Ignatian identity and mission. ‌Whether organizing retreats for staff members or planning Ignatian Heritage Month, Murphy’s guiding question is constant: “Are we making a difference?”


Interview and write up by Kerry Snider

Student Worker, Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy

  • Niamh McGuigan

    For ten years, Niamh McGuigan has donated her talents as one of Loyola’s amazing librarians. Her Digital Humanities Master’s Degree—which is one of her two master’s—was completed right here at Loyola. Since graduating from the Digital Humanities master’s program, McGuigan has enjoyed working with the Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities, which she describes as having “a supportive group of faculty, students, and librarians.”
  • Kelly Barry

    Kelly Barry began her career at Loyola in 2002 teaching for the paralegal program. Prior to joining Loyola, Kelly worked for various Chicago law firms. In the time since she joined the Loyola staff, Kelly has taught over one hundred sections of six different paralegal courses, using her experience to assist countless Loyola students in their studies. Currently, she uses her extensive knowledge in designing and implementing curricula in her job as an Instructional Designer for the School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS). In addition to her responsibilities as an instructional designer, Kelly is also a Senior Lecturer for the paralegal program.
  • Stacey Zurek

    Stacey is an instructional designer and course developer working with the Health Sciences Division in Maywood. She holds a master’s degree in Instructional Design and in Physical Education and Health and is currently furthering her education by completing a PhD in Learning Design and Technology.