Loyola University Chicago

Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy

Faculty Champion Program

Presented by the Loyola University Chicago Public Engagement (LUPE) Workgroup


The purpose of Loyola University Chicago's Faculty Champions program is to encourage student democratic engagement during national and local elections. Debuting in fall 2020, the Faculty Champions program promotes opportunities and recognition incentives that encourage the faculty at LUC to integrate teaching practices that encourage full participation in democratic processes (e.g., voting in elections, the Census, etc.).

Faculty can participate by examining the menu of civic learning opportunities and implementing the associated teaching practice(s) into their course in a timely fashion.

LUPE will recognize faculty that participate in the Champions program based upon evidence of implemented practices. LUPE has also cultivated supplementary resources and can provide consultation if necessary. In addition, there will be opportunities for faculty to virtually meet, exchange ideas, and process the election as the semester advances.

Summary of Steps to Participate

  1. Decide and commit to supporting Loyola University Chicago’s democratic engagement efforts.
  2. Review the Civic Learning Opportunities Menu.
  3. Select one or more options and begin to implement them into your course.
  4. Access the Faculty Champion toolkit for additional resources and links.
  5. Fill out the form to receive recognition and updates.