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Teaching Insights and Discoveries During the Pandemic

 Spring 2021 Lunch and Learns

National conversations in publications like Inside Higher Education and The Chronicle of Higher Education are telling stories about what educators have been discovering about teaching and learning during the pandemic. Topics range from student engagement to building community to reconsidering assessment strategies.  

At FCIP, we are going to continue this national conversation during our lunch and learns. Attendees will be invited to share their learnings and raise questions related to the list of topics offered here. A member of the FCIP team will also provide a brief presentation and share additional resources about the topic, with an eye toward new developments spurred by the pandemic.  

Lunch learns happen on the last Thursday of the month from 1:00pm-2:00pm. 

  • Lessons Learned from Last Semester (January 28)

    • What did you learn from teaching online in the fall that will inform how you teach in the spring?
    • What new teaching experiments will you try this semester? 
      • Research from Inside Higher Education about what faculty have learned will also be shared.


  • Stepping Up Student Support (February 25) 

    • What strategies and approaches are you using to continue to support student learning online? 
    • What challenges are you running into?
      • Recommendations from Faculty Focus and other sources will be shared about how to amp up support for students learning online.


  • Pondering Assessments (March 25)

    • What new assessment strategies are you trying this semester?
    • How has the pandemic changed your approach to assessment? 
      • Research from Inside Higher Education and other sources about how faculty have adpated their assessments will be shared.


  • Looking Ahead: Lessons Learned from this Semester (April 29)

    • What additional insights did you have about teaching this semester? 
    • How will those insights shape how you design your next course?


If you have any questions about these sessions, please email Jessica Mansbach, Associate Director, at jmansbach@luc.edu.