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Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy

Apply for Student Centered Design Micro-Grant

The Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy (FCIP) has funding to award micro-grants to individual instructors to create content related to Student-Centered Design (SCD) for use by the wider university community.  SCD alerts us to the importance of acknowledging how students’ needs and experiences inside and outside of the classroom impact students’ abilities to learn.  

Because FCIP is committed to providing support and training to Loyola’s instructors in service of a transformative education for our students, we are also responsive to changing student needs. "A Stunning Level of Student Disconnection", a recent report by the Chronicle of Higher Education, is one of several recent publications that highlights, in students’ own words, high levels of stress, anxiety, and disengagement at a national level. In addition to typical stressors of emerging adulthood, students are experiencing challenges related to transitioning back to campus and focusing on their academic work. Locally, on our own campus, students report similar levels of stress and anxiety.  

In the same Chronicle of Higher Education report, faculty share examples of how they have adjusted their approaches in the classroom to ease students’ anxiety and promote increased student engagement.  FCIP is interested in showcasing examples of strategies and approaches instructors have used to enact cura personalis by attending to students’ well-being and demonstrating adaptability. 

If you would like to share your examples of student-centered teaching strategies and tactics, apply for a micro-grant from FCIP. Faculty stories in the form of short videos or audio files will be posted on FCIP's website and promoted to instructors across the university. Each content piece should tell the audience what strategy was used; what, how and why it was used and how it turned out for you and your students. After listening to your examples, your colleagues should walk away with easy ways to incorporate some of your strategies into their own teaching. The grant money is intended to compensate you for the creation of a video or podcast, supplemental materials or templates, or collaboration on a workshop with colleagues. Compensation, described below, will be disbursed by late August.

Instructors are invited to create content related to one of the following topics within SCD or propose their own topics in the application form. 

  • Student support  
    • Developing study skills  
    • Sustaining attention, minimizing distraction  
    • Facilitating peer to peer interaction (to combat isolation)  
    • Building community through activities  
    • Helping students manage stress or difficult emotions during class  
  • Course content  
    • Using short videos or podcasts to deliver content  
    • Delivering content in multiple formats   
    • Co-creating course content (rubrics, assignments, etc.) with students 
    • Representing a wide range of demographics and identities in your course 

  • Assignments  
    • Creating multiple small assignments instead of a large, high stakes assignment   
    • Choosing from a set of assignments   
    • Designing assignments that allow students to engage with the “real world”
  • Syllabus design 
    • Using flexible deadlines (or other adjustable course policies)   
    • Creating inclusive, student-friendly language and policies in your syllabus 
    • Using flexible assignments in your syllabus 
    • Providing policies about student support and identity acceptance in your syllabus 

Review the application form for more details about the topics appropriate for the micro-grant. We welcome examples from full or part-time instructors from any discipline. Content is due by August 1, 2022, but earlier submissions are encouraged.

Week of May 23: The application form is open. Applications will be vetted by the FCIP co-directors and micro-grants awarded based on quality of application and topic diversity.

Week of June 13: First micro-grant winners selected. Applications stay open on a rolling basis, with preference given to applications received by June 13.

Week of June 20: Micro-grant winners will attend a brief Zoom meeting about the project to:

  • Learn the protocol for video or audio file submission and see the Teams site.
  • Learn about the protocol for what must be included in submission and how submission will be reviewed.
  • Coordinate video structure and scope with colleagues who have been awarded the micro-grant to ensure that there is a diverse set of topics.
  • Micro-grant winners selected in July and August will attend a similar meeting.
  • There is only one required meeting for each micro-grant recipient.

August 15: Series roll-out on FCIP’s website, with major promotional push during August 2022 FOTL conference.

Disbursement of compensation will occur by late August 2022. This table describes how micro-grant recipients will be compensated.

  • 15-minute video, vlog, or podcast  


    Instructors create a video or audio file on a topic related to SCD with additional resources (e.g., worksheets, reference guides, templates) to be housed together in an online SCD library on FCIP’s website 

    60-minute sessions 


    In teams of 2, instructors co-lead a 60-minute workshop on their prepared topics related to SCD during fall 2022 semester 

If you have questions, please email facultycenter@luc.edu.