Loyola University Chicago

Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy

Lessons Learned from A Summer of Synchronous Teaching

Description: LUC faculty and students quickly and successfully pivoted from face to face to remote learning at mid-Spring semester.  But what is it like to teach remotely, from day 1, to a class of completely new students?  Join FCIP and faculty colleagues from the School of Nursing to hear their experience teaching remotely and synchronously from the beginning to the end of their twelve-week Summer semester.  The presentation includes topics such as establishing a relationship via Zoom with a new, and not yet familiar, group of students; academic integrity; the “flipped classroom”; handling distractions; and being prepared for the unexpected.

Lessons Learned from a Summer of Online Teaching


Lessons Learned from a Summer of Synchronous Teaching Recording

Recorded from Zoom on August 18, 2020.