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Cohort Bios

Meet the first cohort of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Faculty Fellows!

2022-2023 Cohort Bios

Meghan Dougherty, Associate Professor of Digital Communication, in the LUC School of Communication, is a media ecologist studying communication technologies and media cultures, digital infrastructures, and media archaeology. Her current research aims to materialize Internet infrastructure in wild, protected, and public lands to understand more about the embodied and environmental costs of our digitally lived lives. Dougherty joins the FCIP’s SoTL Faculty Fellows as a killjoy pedagogue dedicated to critical digital approaches to teaching and learning. In her time as a SoTL Fellow she will work to develop a strong pedagogical foundation for weaving together elements of her scholarship and teaching philosophy that are complementary but contradictory: digital ecology and place-based epistemologies; dispersed online learning and situated grounded learning; remote from campus but locally engaged.

Jennifer Forestal is Helen Houlahan Rigali Assistant Professor of Political Science. She is a political theorist whose research interests lie at the intersection of democratic theory and digital culture. As a SoTL Faculty Fellow, she will be working on a number of projects exploring best practices regarding the pedagogy of civic engagement and education.

Minwoo Jung, Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology, examines gender and sexual politics, globalization, and social justice movements. His work has appeared in positions: asia critique, Social Movement Studies, and the British Journal of Sociology, among other publications. As a SoTL Faculty Fellow, he is conducting research on anti-racist and decolonial pedagogical strategies for teaching globalization.

Whelton Miller is Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at the LUC Stritch School of Medicine, with secondary appointments in the departments of Molecular Pharmacology & Neuroscience, and Bioinformatics. His current research involves using computational chemistry techniques for theoretical design and study of organometallic and inorganic compounds, computer-aided drug design (CADD), protein-protein interactions, and structural electronic effects. He is the 1st Affiliate Faculty member of the new Institute for Racial Justice (IRJ), and his aim is to create and install student-centered outreach programs, and hands-on research opportunities with an anti-racist theme into current and future programs, as well as advise current and future leaders in STEM on how to engage, practice, and disseminate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) into their current and future projects. He believes the SoTL Faculty Fellowship is uniquely geared to assist in the development and incorporation of the IRJ-SSOM DEI programs.