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See the world differently

See the world differently

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Last year, more than 800 Loyola undergraduates studied in another country. Some went as far away as China; others stayed closer to home and studied in Mexico or Cuba.

But regardless of where they went, they all got to experience life in a foreign land while earning credit toward their degrees.

And they all came back transformed.

“Before I went to China, an upperclassman told me that studying abroad would be the highlight of my college experience,” said Saeger Godson, a Loyola senior who spent his entire junior year at The Beijing Center. “And I would absolutely agree with that. I came back so much more enlightened about how the world perceives me as an American and how the world actually works.”

The first step

On Wednesday, September 21, Loyola will host its fall Study Abroad Fair in the Damen Student Center from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The fair, which is free and open to all students, will feature alumni who have studied overseas, as well as staff members who can answer questions about Loyola’s many study abroad programs.

“The fair is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn more about studying abroad,” said Kelly Heath, associate director of the University’s study abroad programs. “We’ll have tables set up for each program and a lot of helpful information. It’s a great first step for anyone who is curious about the process.”

The big picture

Caroline Kennedy, the U.S. Ambassador to Japan, came to Loyola in late August to talk about the benefits of studying abroad. In an interview with The Phoenix, Loyola’s student newspaper, Kennedy said living overseas is about much more than sightseeing: It also plays a key part in building international relations.

“I think the reason that more and more students are choosing (to study abroad) is they recognize this is a globalized world and none of the problems we are facing can be solved by any one country,” Kennedy told The Phoenix. “Every time you go abroad, you’re an ambassador for the United States. … But you bring back so much of the world here.”

For more information, visit Loyola’s Study Abroad website. You can also read what Loyola students have to say about their time abroad on the Go Global blog.

Loyola offers a truly global education. It has a campus in Rome, as well as course locations in Beijing and Vietnam—and its students can choose from more than 150 programs in 70 countries. Here are some highlights from 2015-16:
• 865 Loyola undergraduates studied abroad
• The top destinations were Rome (358 students), Spain (115), and England (62)
• Loyola students earned more than 8,000 credit hours while abroad
• They were awarded a total of $275,498 in study abroad scholarships