Chicago Research with meaning


One of the notable hallmarks of Loyola’s research: The goal is not always about just getting a paper published. Faculty and students put their expertise to work to make a positive impact with their studies—many of which focus on the issues facing the city of Chicago. Taking research out of the lab often means that Loyola is working directly with community members and organizations. It also often means that the research can start making a difference in the city even sooner.

What’s in the water?

Biologist John Kelly is studying just how much of what we wash down the drain ends up in our waterways. MORE

Hidden danger

Since 1999, faculty, staff, and students have been working to address the most common causes of lead poisoning in the city and state: lead paint. MORE

Sustainable education

Recent alum Micah Zaker developed a new course teaching middle schoolers not just how ecosystems work but how trash affects the environment. MORE

Police reform

Stephen Rushin, assistant professor, researches how greater police accountability can improve relations between law enforcement and Chicago citizens. MORE

Health Sciences’s partners

Proviso Partners for Health is a multi-sector coalition advancing action on childhood obesity in Chicago’s near west suburbs. MORE

Where campus meets community

For 20 years, Loyola’s Center for Urban Research and Learning (CURL) has built lasting partnerships that have led to impactful social change. MORE

Improving the criminal justice system

The Center for Criminal Justice Research, Policy, and Practice looks at the many issues affecting Chicago's crime problem. MORE

Talking trash

Tim Hoellein, an aquatic ecologist in Loyola’s biology department, studies garbage in the Chicago River and its effects on the city. MORE

Translational research

Scientists at the Health Sciences Campus are using federal grants to fund research and clinical trials, many focused on the Chicagoland area. MORE

Heavy metals

Researcher Tham Hoang is working to make rivers and lakes from Vietnam to Chicago safer for their inhabitants. MORE

Suspending discipline

The Education Law and Policy Institute is finding a new approach to replace exclusionary discipline, or punishments that take students out of school. MORE

Advocates for children

Civitas ChildLaw Center balances classroom learning with a wide range of hands-on experiential opportunities. MORE

Food deserts

Nursing students are helping faculty research the unique challenges that communities face with limited food access. MORE

Leader in water conservation

Located on Lake Michigan, Loyola is dedicated to smart water management and protecting the region’s most precious resource. MORE