Chicago Working with community leaders


Change doesn’t happen alone—and change doesn’t happen without collaboration. When Loyola seeks partnerships with Chicago organizations, our faculty and students first listen to the need, before acting. Whether it’s with a nonprofit, small business, or large institution, our work has the biggest impact when knowledge and expertise is paired with true understanding. In return, our students gain hands-on experience, and our faculty are able to learn directly from those on the ground.

Outgoing classes

Arrupe College has shifted how some high school counselors are approaching the college application process. MORE


From consulting agencies to business leadership, Quinlan is giving students hands-on experience while strengthening local organizations. MORE

A part of the community

Misericordia, a support community for those with developmental disabilities, partners with many from the University, from student-athletes to faculty. MORE

From the start

Students and faculty have built a relationship with Chicago Public Schools to prepare student-teachers for city classrooms, before they graduate. MORE

On the Chicago economy

The Small Business Outlook Survey has been conducted by the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce and Quinlan since 2014. MORE

Our next-door neighbor

Loyola partners with the Archdiocese of Chicago on programs throughout the city, including recognizing gun violence as a public health concern. MORE

Providing primary care

Loyola's Maywood clinic is the largest provider in the Access to Care network, the nonprofit program for low-income, uninsured and underinsured patients. MORE

A new home

Loyola sponsored a refugee family’s resettlement into Rogers Park and Edgewater neighborhoods through Catholic Charities’ program. MORE